Information Technology Management System – ISMS

An ISMS is a regulated approach to handling sensitive information in an organisation to ensure it remains secured. This standard improves the information assets of small to large organisations safe. In our world today, information security is very important, protection of personal and sensitive details. Implementation of ISMS 27001 standard has made great changes over time for organisations. Information security is proved to be the heart of the organisation and an asset that requires monitoring, integrity and trust. Protection of personal and confidential information is crucial to every organisation, which makes ISMS a unique international standard. This standard helps create and operate measurement processes which guides us to report and analyse results of a group of information security metrics.

Fresh fountain consulting limited is aware that cyber- attacks are prevalent in our society, ISO 27001 is practical, and will assist organisations that implements the standard to protect their organisations from the ever-growing security attacks so many businesses go through in recent times. With the adoption of the consulting methodology PDCA cycle PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT which is the process based approach model.


Benefits of ISO 27001 to the organisation is it increases accountability, improves information security processes and performance. Reduces cost with avoidance of incidents, smoother running operations in the organisation and responsibilities of staff and processes and roles & responsibilities are clearly stated. Images of businesses are improved in the business place which gives peace of mind and confirmation that the organisation is trustworthy. The staff tends to benefit also from the ISO 27001 standard in having accurate access controls laid down that specifically reduces the risk of accidental exposure to the staff to confidential information. Reassurance is stabilised that the employer is clearly meeting security guidelines. Productivity and job satisfaction is increased in the organisation.

In implementing ISO 27001 standard, there is planning and adequate training to create awareness which involves the top management and staff in the organisation.  Furthermore, there is an on-site gap assessment to address the gaps observed. This gap assessment ensures conformity in the standard to be implemented. Implementation process is hands on and involves documentation and general processes. An internal audit is carried out that checks the processes implemented and process effectiveness are monitored this will help in measuring the standard implemented.