Food Safety Management System – FSMS

ISO 22000 standard which is the food safety management systems is very specific in the control of food safety hazards to enable safe human consumption of foods. Every organisation that produces edible products regardless of the size and has a passion and goal for producing safe edible products for the consumers. ISO 22000 standard will be beneficial in demonstrating compliance with regulatory and statutory food and safety bodies, ensuring the organisation conforms to the conformity of relevant interested parties. This standard gives opportunity to accommodate communication in the food chain and organisation. Communication is very vital in securing all the food safety hazards identified and will be regulated at every step in the food chain. ISO 22000 is beneficial in the creation of awareness for effective Food and Safety Management System which could lead to food borne illness. ISO 22000 was not generated for just food producers and manufacturers, operations handled by ISO 22000 includes crop production, primary and secondary food processing, feed production, food retailing, wholesaling and distribution. Other operations covered by ISO 22000 are pesticide, veterinary pharmaceutical produce, fertilizers, equipment production, transportation and storage, ingredients and additives production and cleaner/sanitizing production.


The HACCP Food Safety Management System helps businesses to regulate the use of resources. ISO 22000 when implemented in the organisation and presented with certification and logo could help in marketing tools and getting a better price in the general market. ISO 2200 certification has a track record in creating trust between consumers and producer and there is integrity for the food supply chain. Implementation of the standard brings about uniformity in food safety procedures used worldwide.

Fresh fountain consulting implements ISO 22000 to harmonize on an international level the requirements for food safety process for organisations within the food chain. ISO 22000 standard can be implemented independently or implemented with existing management system. This standard is for organisations that are goal oriented, coherent and integrated food safety management system that is accredited by the law. ISO 22000 international standard basically involves Interaction communication, system management, prerequisite programs and HACCP principles.


At fresh fountain consulting limited we have a team of young, knowledgeable and experienced auditors that will be hands on and on site regularly during the implementation process. ISO 22000 standard has aligned with ISO 9001 standard to improve the compatibility of the both standards. FSMS ISO 22000 is a very practical and detailed standard, industry specific to the risk management system that suits every food processing organisation. Fresh fountain consulting limited takes pride and professionalism in ensuring adequate process in implementing the food safety management system involves introduction to ISO 22000, senior management implementation, adequate training of staff in the organisation. The organisation goes through gap analysis checklists and internal auditing of the process implemented.