Environmental Management System – EMS

ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard that aids the organisation in identifying, managing, monitoring and controlling their environment in a holistic way. ISO 14001 is perfect and applicable to every sector/organisation whether it is private or government owned. The standard also applies to large sized or small-scale companies. This standard is specifically concerned with the air pollution, sewage and water issues, contamination of the soil, waste management, adaptation and climate change mitigation and efficiency in the use of resources. Every ISO management system standard projects continual improvement, ISO 14001 is not an exception to this.


At freshfountain consulting limited we are confident in our services to the clients, our professionalism and approach to environmental concerns for organisations. ISO standards are reviewed regularly to ensure it remains useful in any business environment. There has been an upgrade in the standard with significant improvements such as the high importance in environmental management in the organization’s strategic development processes, greater input and proactivity of the leadership and in-depth commitment to processes that will enhance the environmental performance.

This standard helps organisations to improve greatly in their environmental performance with the standard, there is effective use of the resources and general reduction of waste with the invention of recycling within the organisation. ISO 14001 standard is effective in business continuity and sustainability, with the use of an international registration mark that shows the environmental commitment of the organisation can result to increased opportunities in terms of clients, suppliers, international collaborations and government organisations. The corporate image will be promoted among customers, public and regulators. Implementation of ISO 14001 can reduce consumption of energy and raw materials and effective use of natural resources in the organisation.  ISO 14001 has helped organisations in being compliant to current and future statutory and regulatory requirements. Leadership involvement and awareness and engagement within the staff organisation is achieved.


Freshfountain consulting limited in line with ISO standards addresses the latest trends and inventions in the ISO 14001 which factors the internal and external elements that could have a positive or negative impact in our environment. Small scale businesses can also benefit from ISO 14001 as well as larger companies when implemented appropriately. With the new reviewed ISO 14001:2015, environmental policy that will align with the organisation’s strategic direction will achieved and clearly stated. With an excellent addition of the risk and opportunities factors to the ISO 14001:2015 standard, the organisation will be able to detect and assess if they manage the risk effectively. In addition, the standard has a drive in addressing the concept of ‘’considering a life cycle perspective’’ basically for its products, activities and services. In implementation of this process, there are mandatory clauses that needs to be examined to become compliant to the standard. There is project planning to enable the organisation to have a clear definition of the scope of the EMS, awareness will be created among the top management and staff of the organisation, which leads to control of gaps in the organisation’s processes and vigorous implementation which involves documentation of processes, monitoring and effective follow up.