Maintaining and continually improving your Certified Management System requires a sustained focus and vision.Maintaining certification underscores this fact. Companies often lost the momentum, focus, and commitment after achieving initial certification. The result is a scramble to prepare for Surveillance Audits, stress and anxiety during the annual Surveillance Audit, and an unplanned commitment of resources to deal with the aftermath.


We offer the following in this area of service:

  • Auditing
  • Training
  • Awareness
  • Gap analysis in QMS 9001, EMS 18001 , OHSMS 45001, FSMS, ISMS etc

FFCL Consulting Management Systems Maintenance Program is for companies that wish to outsource the resources needed to maintain and improve their certified Management Systems to FFCL Consulting professional.

Internal Auditing is a crucial element of your certified Management Systems.

Consistent and effective internal audits assure continual effectiveness, compliance, and improvement of your Management Systems. However, many companies that tackle this responsibility alone must overcome the following obstacles:

Difficulty in developing and maintaining the skills for part-time Internal Auditors, Lack of experience, independence, and objectivity of Internal Auditors, and Internal resource constraints.

  • Internal Auditors are Management’s eyes and ears for monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of any certified Management Systems.

    Given the level of change most organizations undergo and their already strained resources, FFCL Consulting serves as a valuable source of professional support without the time and investment needed to develop and maintain such resource internally.

    We have the experts and experience to deliver a custom-tailored program.

    FFCL Consulting experience in implementation and certification of various Management Systems adds great value to this difficult process – beyond simply maintaining certification. Competent Internal Auditors are more likely to be the first to discover a system that has broken down, needs attention, or is improving.

    While known problem areas might be deliberately avoided during a regulatory, accreditation, customer, or certification audits, Internal Auditors are required to focus both on problem areas and on areas demonstrating improvement. The training and skills needed to do this well are vital. Competent & Experience Internal Auditors are a crucial part of the Management Systems.